1947 -


Born Rockhampton, Queensland.
Died in Herberton, Far North Queensland.

Individual Exhibitions

1981 Fabrications - Martin Gallery, Townsville
1982 Sculpture - Ray Hughes Gallery - Downtown at 123 Charlotte Street, Brisbane
1983 Collage - Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane
1984 Installation with 16m3 of Foam - College Gallery - BCAE Kelvin Grove Campus, Brisbane
1985 Car Bonnet Cut-outs - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1986 Recycled Queenslanders - Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane
1987 Furniture - Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane
1987 Collage, Bas Relief - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1988 Sculpture-Works from central western Queensland the North - Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane
1989 Chairs - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1989 Still Life and other Compositional Considerations - Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane
1990 Further Concern with Still Life and Composition - Auckland City Art Gallery, New Zealand
1990 Drawings - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1991 Another Aspect of Still Life and Composition - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1991 Chairs - Townsville Regional Art Gallery, Queensland
1991 Chairs - Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Queensland
1992 Still Life - Another Option - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1992 The Indigenous Object and the Urban 0ffcast - Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane
1993 Paintings and Drawings of Still Life - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1994 982 Trasparenze d'Artea Venezia, Zitelle - Cultural Centre,Venice, Italy
1994 Still Life - About Drawing - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1996 Painterly Concerns - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1997 Stories About Things - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1998 The Oceania Suite and Landscapes - Cairns Regional Gallery, Queensland
1998 Queensland Landscapes - Ray Hughes Gallery, Queensland
2000 Still Life and Landscapes - Ray Hughes Gallery,  Sydney
2004 Stories About Landscapes - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
2005 Tom Risley - Cairns Regional Gallery, Queensland
2005 Flags - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
 2007  Family Crests -  Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane
 2007  Tablets  -  Andrew Baker Art Dealer,  Brisbane
 2008  Tom Risley:  8 Still Lifes 1982 - 2008:  An Overview, KickArts Contemporary Arts,  Cairns  Queensland. 




 Still Life with Paint,  Andrew Baker Art Dealer,  Brisbane..

Last and Recent Works:  KickArts Contemporary Arts, Cairns.  Queensland.

Last and Recent Works:  Perc Tucker Gallery , Townsville.


1990 Further Concerns With Still Life & Composition - Auckland City Art Gallery, New Zealand (15 Dec - 14 Feb)
1992 The Indigenous Object & The Urban Offcast - Survey Exhibition. QAG. Brisbane


982 Trasparenze D'artea Venezia - Zietelle Cultural Centre Venice (5 May - 9 May) 

Selected Group Exhibitions

1981 Australian Sculpture Triennials - 1981,1984,1987,1990.
1982 Sculpture '82 - Commonwealth Games Festival Brisbane.
1984 Appositions - BCAE Kelvin Grove Campus, Brisbane.
1985 Trios Australiens - Peter Cole, Andrew Dunstone & Tom Risley Gallerie Boudoin Lebon, Paris.
The First Exhibition - Ray Hughes Gallery Sydney.
Queensland/Works - 1950-85,University of Queensland Art Museum Brisbane Curated Nancy Underhill
Six New Directions - Queensland Art Gallery Brisbane.
Australian Perspecta '85 - Art Gallery New South Wales, Sydney(Curated by Tony Bond)
1987 Painters & Sculptors-Diversity In Australian Art - Queensland Art Gallery Brisbane. Travelling to Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan(Curated by Michael Sourgnes)
Contemporary Art In Australia-A Review; Museum Contemporary Art Brisbane (18 July Curated James Baker)
Seven Queensland Artists - Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education Toowoomba (8-30 Sept)
A New Romance - University Drill Hall, Australian National University Canberra (12 Sep- 15Nov Curated by John McPhee)
1988 Artists For Another Biennale - Ray Hughes Gallery Sydney.
Gallery Maki - Tokyo Japan with Joe Furlonger & R J Morris.
Seventeen Australian Artists - Galleria San Vidal Venice (Organised by Ray Hughes on Behalf of Richard Ellis World Wide to coincide with the Venice Biennale)
Creating Australia - The Great Australian Art Exhibition(Curated by Daniel Thomas) Toured to all major galleries)
The New Generation - Australian National Gallery, Canberra.(4 Jun - 17 Jul)
1989 Adelaide Biennale - Art Gallery South Australia Adelaide. (Curated by Mary Eagle)
Delineations Exploring Drawing - Ivan Dougherty Gallery Sydney (Curated by Louise Pether)
1990 Twenty Australian Artists - Gallery San Vidal, Venice; Queensland Art Gallery Brisbane, Benalla Regional Art Gallery Victoria, Ray Hughes Gallery Sydney.
Into Space - The Language of Sculpture,Queensland Art Gallery, touring regional Queensland (Curated by D.Burnett).
1991 Thinking Aloud - Drawing exhibition Ray Hughes Gallery Sydney.
1995 Australia Felix - Benalla Victoria.
1999 A Century Of Collecting - Ivan Dougherty Gallery Sydney
2000 Against the Grain - Australian Sculptural Furniture. Brisbane City gallery.
2001 Tokyo Designers Block - Tokyo
2002 Gallery Artists - Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
2003 Beneath the Monsoon - Visions North of Capricorn. Mackay, Cairns & Townsville. Curated by Gavin Wilson.
2005 'Project Show' - University Art Museum. U.Q. Brisbane.
2007 'Our Way' - Contemporary Art from Lockhart River. University Art Museum. U.Q. Brisbane.
 2007  The Eutick Memorial Still Life Award:  Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery,  NSW
 2009  Twelve Degrees of Latitude:  Regional Gallerie & University Art Collections in Qld.  Travelling to Regional 7 university galleries, Qld.
 2009  Reinventions:  National Gallery Canberra,  ACT.


  • National Gallery Australia
  • QLD Art Gallery
  • NSW Art Gallery
  • Nat. Gallery Vic
  • Art Gallery SA
  • Art Gallery WA
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art N.Y
  • Auckland City Art Gallery
  • Chartwell Collection N.Z.
  • Joseph Brown Collection Melb
  • Laverty Collection Sydney
  • Gold Coast City Gallery
  • Qld. State Library Brisbane
  • Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Townsville
  • Mt. Gambier Regional Gallery SA
  • Cairns Regional Art Gallery
  • James Baker Collection
  • Parliament House Canberra construction authority
  • Artbank Sydney
  • Brisbane College of Advanced Education
  • Centre of Contemporary Art
  • Ipswich Regional Gallery
  • Hamilton. New Zealand


1982, 1985, 1991, 1993 VACB Grants
1996 Stanalite Travelling Fellowship


Totem QLD Government Gift to New Parliament House Canberra. Malanda Commission Eacham Shire Council. FNQ.

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